On Writing

I frequently flip back to my favorite Stephen King book, especially on lazy days when I’m sitting around not wanting to get into anything big.

On Writing is full of ideas and inspiration. Although, I will say, the “pantcing” technique is beyond me. I still struggle with outlines, developing characters, scenes, etc. But I do love thinking about stories and how I should tell them.

Nobska Light

I finally mustered the courage to publish on KDP this weekend. First obstacle behind me, now I keep writing!

Outline Today…

Today I started an outline for my novel. After writing a few short stories I figured I would step it up and enter the big league. Finding a quiet place to gather the thoughts on paper was the first challenge… I have read a few blogs from others suggesting a dedicated time early in the morning. I may need to take that advice. Although I had some great ideas, I couldn’t seem to get it together… Any suggestions would be appreciated, feel free to leave a comment, please!